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ITE Student Chapters


Why should I join ITE as a student?

The ITE Met Section partners with the student chapters in the NYC metro area to engage students and faculty from a diverse array of academic backgrounds. Schools are especially important in the formation and development of professionals who will be designing the infrastructure and making decisions for the transportation systems of tomorrow. Our universities also nurture new ideas and innovations which can advance the profession as a whole. Joining ITE as a student helps promote valuable interaction and connection between students and industry professionals which benefit both groups alike.


Why should I join an ITE student chapter?

ITE student chapters help to fulfill ITE’s mission by preparing undergraduate and graduate students for a career in transportation. Student chapters allow students to practice leadership and communication by organizing chapter events and interacting with professionals. Students gain technical knowledge and learn how the concepts they have learned in school is put into practice by listening to professional seminars/panels and by visiting project sites. What a student chapter does can be as much as its members are willing to put into it; the sky really is the limit!


Which kinds of students should join ITE?

ITE is a community for all transportation professionals, including those aspiring to be transportation professionals. This includes not just licensed professional engineers, but planners, technicians, data scientists, researchers, policy makers, and anyone whose work touches upon the systems which move people and goods, and their interaction with livable communities. Any student interested in these broad topics is invited to join and participate in ITE!


Join a Student Chapter

Check whether your school has a student chapter in the list below. If you are a student at a school which does not currently have a chapter, you can still get involved! We encourage all interested students to:

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